Deep Tissue

Slow, deeper strokes incorporating elbows and forearms, this technique targets deeper tissues to release muscle tension.  


Targeted trigger point work designed to reset the muscle and relieve chronic muscle spasms and tension. 

Myofascial Cupping

Also known as Decompression Cupping, this technique utilizes silicone suction cups to create negative pressure on a particular area of the body to increase blood flow and release fascial restrictions, which allows for greater flexibility and range of motion.


For expecting mothers or those who have given birth in the last year.  This massage targets all the common body aches associated with pregnancy like low back pain, sciatica, swelling in the limbs, headaches, general tension in the neck and shoulders and much more.  I use extra care to ensure that all contraindicated areas are avoided or handled with light touch and extra pillows are used for proper positioning in the side-lying position for later term pregnancy.  If you have already given birth, this massage can help bring your body back into alignment and aid in emotional wellness as you settle into life with a new little one to care for. 

* NOTE FOR HIGH RISK PREGNANCY*  Please contact me via email at if your pregnancy is considered high risk or if you have a history of pregnancy or birth complications as a doctor's note may be required before receiving a massage.


This is a full body massage using both hot and cold stones alternately to aid in increasing circulation, move lymph fluid and flush out toxins.  The use of hot and cold stones creates a “vascular gymnastics” by alternately dilating and constricting the blood vessels helping to flush out toxins and bring the cells more oxygen. It's the same basic principle behind taking a cold plunge after sitting in a sauna or soaking in a hot tub.   In most cases you can't even tell the difference between the hot and cold stones or the cold stones may feel like applying Icy-Hot.  This technique is particularly helpful for conditions such as swelling or edema, muscular sprains and spasms, menstrual pains, headaches and is EXTREMELY relaxing.


Prices are as listed and I do not accept additional gratuities.

I accept all major credit cards and cash. If paying in cash please make sure you have exact change.

60 Minute MASSAGE | $120.00

75 Minute MASSAGE  | $140.00

90 Minute MASSAGE | $160.00

120 Minute MASSAGE | $200.00


75 Minute Prenatal MASSAGE | $140.00

90 Minute Prenatal MASSAGE | $160.00 


105 Minute hot / cold stone MASSAGE | $180.00

Online Booking Available 



5 Packs provide 10% savings | 10 Packs provide 15% savings


60 Minute Packages

  • 5 pk $540 ( $60 Off )

  • 10 pk $1,020 ( $180 Off)

75 Minute Packages

  • 5 pk $630. ( $70 Off )

  • 10 pk $1,190 ( $210 Off )

90 Minute packages

  • 5 pk $720 ( $80 Off )

  • 10 pk $1,360 ( $240 Off )

120 minute Packages

  • 5 pk $900 ( $100 Off )

  • 10 pk $1,700 ( $300 Off)


Every massage session is customized to meet the individual needs of each client.  After you complete a brief intake form and consultation, I will have a better understanding of which modality or combination of modalities will best suit you. If you have any questions about the modalities described above, you can email me at or call 225.776.4713.